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Nov 11

The Paperless Professor

Thus far this semester, I have exchanged precisely 0 pieces of paper with my students. Additionally, I have exchanged exactly 0 MSWord documents. (Oddly, the latter has been far more difficult than the former to maintain!) This session will discuss a variety of tools for classroom planning, class prep, “handouts,” readings, discussions, and all of …

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Nov 04

Information Overload: Condensing a wealth of resources into a format digestible for students

The problem: Today’s students, despite their reputation for technological savvy, still need to be taught how to conduct research.  The increasing amount of digital material available makes research easier in many ways, but it can also complicate matters — particularly in terms of “information overload.”  Rob Widell and I propose a discussion around strategies for …

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Oct 29

Omeka: The New Primary Source Anthology?


Since I’ve begun teaching, I’ve become mildly obsessed with buying anthologies of primary sources. Until I had to get up in front of a classroom, I didn’t realize how difficult it was to select and make available primary sources to teach students with. A good anthology of sources has done more to advance the world’s …

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