Nov 09

Knowledge and Research Environment: How to Aggregate, Display and Search Research Content from Multiple Platforms

The research lab in contemporary literature that I am working for are now putting in place a new project that have the mandate to be a portal for different web projects that showed research content. That portal also wants to make an inventory of researchers and students’ blogs associated with the research lab. This Web platform will also have it’s own content.

When putting the project together, some questions were at the agenda. Question that might have been there for other project of that kind in digital humanities:

1. How to display scientific content from different Web sites and databases, and on different media (text, audio, and video).  We want the user to navigate easily through the content of the site, but we also want to keep the traceability of the content.

2. How to search in all those contents, which set of metadata should we use to simplify that task. In the same order of idea, which search engine should we choose? The search engine must be able to index content in more than one site.

3. How to make the researchers share their research notes or be intrinsically associated with the project, like having a blog in our platform. This question seems to fit with the session proposed by Jeri Wieringa, Starting and Marketing Digital Archives.

I don’t know if those three issues need a session, but I would like those interrogations to be included in some way in other sessions.

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