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Jan 25

Just a head’s up

I’ve created a (long overdue) post over at DH New England that springs from some of the conversations we were having about getting together to do DH stuff in the Boston area. I’d love it if you went there and left a comment! Maybe we can get a group going?

Nov 10

Network analysis… and distant reading (topic-modeling)?

How about a session on network analysis and visualizations of networks? We can talk software – for databases, the analysis, or visualization. I’d also like to talk about semantic analysis / text-mining of digital texts, especially topic-modeling, for a later stage of the same project.

Nov 09

What Tools Do Researchers Reliant on Born-digital Primary Sources Use—and Need?

One of the discussions that I’m interested in having with folks at THATCamp intersects with points raised by Lincoln Mullen and Karrie Peterson. Lincoln invites us to explore the potential use of Omeka as a primary source repository that can function as a digitally-enabled anthology for teaching and other uses. Karrie encourages us to talk …

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Nov 01

Collaboration in the archives / archiving blogs

I have two separate lines of thought that I will explore briefly here.  They both emerge from thinking about blogs and social media in the archives, but go in very different directions. When I was blogging about archival processing for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania as a project archivist, I began to see the real …

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Oct 29

Converts to Little dh

I like Konrad’s post on little dh and am especially drawn to using digital tools for analysis and mining of data. I teach an introductory computer science course with Python and am particularly looking for applied problems in the humanities. The course focuses on problem solving over a wide range of liberal arts. So I …

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Oct 27

Digital scholarly communication within subfields

I’ll preface this by saying that, despite some (deep) background doing web stuff and working part-time on digitization projects as an undergrad and grad student, that I still feel like a novice when it comes to the digital humanities. So I’m really looking forward to listening, learning more, and meeting you all in person at …

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